• Dates: Friday, 30th May • Saturday, 31st May • Sunday, 1st june
  • Locations: Can Manyer Library

MindscapesThe exhibition Mindscapes is part of Andrei Farcasanu’s work. Andrei is doing a research into the invisible world by using elements from the visible world. His Mindscape photos build self-referring stories through your visible world. That’s his photographic way to show feelings and at the same time to see the surrounding world. In his photos he looks for the hidden layers behind that first visible layer. For Andrei Farcanasu and his work, what to look isn’t as important as how to look at it.

These are small format photos, very limited series, unique author copies. Working with different kinds of film, and the photos are enlarged over vintage German silver gelatin paper (discontinued) and toned with tea afterwards.