Collodionists meeting Revela-T Festival provides the ideal place and occasion where photographers interested and practicing the Wet Plate Collodion technique can meet. This Collodionists meeting will happen throughout the whole weekend, with specific events reserved and exclusive for those practicing this technique, and other moments and events open to the public.

On Saturday morning we have scheduled a dedicated space where to talk, debate and exchange experiences. In the afternoon, you will attend the Wet Plate Collodion technique demonstration by Quinn Jacobson, while Sunday is dedicated to practice the technique and show it to all public.

If you are practicing the Wet Plate Collodion and you are interested in attending the meeting, but the Revela-T Festival has not contacted you, email to and we will contact you back.

We know many Collodionists, but not all. Participation in the activities of the meeting is free, provided that you are an active participant, (meaning that you will have your equipment with you and you will do some plates on Sunday ), but you need to register previously. As courtesy, the organization offers the meal and the Quinn’s demonstration.