Camara Van “Inventory 2014”


  • Dates: Saturday, 31st May • Sunday, 1st june
  • Locations: Can Rafart Park

Guilhem Senges, with a transhumant spirit and interested in the rudimentary procedures of the dawn of the photographic technique, turned his van into a nomadic pinhole camera. He has left his roughly ephemeral trail wherever he has gone, with sculptural interventions like clouds, spheres, imploding banks, stairs to heaven … that he photographs later.

We sense the underlying will disabling the apocalyptic overtones (concretized in a toxic cloud, for example) loading of lyricism and mystery pictures thanks to a long exposure and to the traditional processes in both the staging and the development. Born an archaeologist, jointly to rescueing the origins of photographic art he also applies a similar recovery effort in the objects recycling for inventorying toys, workshop tools, bicycle wheels …

In another twist, he transfers these asemblages inspired in the Nouveau-Realisme to the photographic language. He also recycles genres like black movies, science fiction, erotic photography, the experimental frames of Man Ray or Christian Schad, in a wry investigation on filmic myths, fetish narratives, the transfer between fantasy and reality, between latent image and printed presence.

The contingencies involved in the painstaking process of dismantling and rebuilding eality portions are part of the work. Thus, the resulting vision will result from the amalgamation of chance and the forecast for the staging of his own imaginary, and that vision built on the ephemeral is preserved in mysterious capsules of visual memory. Experiences permuted into relics of time. “