Festival Revela-T 2014


Tributing to the “Photographic Arte Povera”, by Ribas Prous

Under this title, Ribas Prous offers a selection from his work, a long history of more than 50 years investigating and experimenting about primary photography (mainly pinhole, in its most diverse aspects ), as well as works made with plastic, wooden or cardboard handmade cameras. It is an homage to the legacy of the “Arte Povera”, in …

Àlbum, by Daniel S. Àlvarez

This is a selection from a personal diary made between 2008 and 2012. Manual b/w copies, handwritten and shown as a mosaic.

Ground movements

What is the point of three photographers traveling together to Argentina without a specific photographic purpose? Ground movements has the initial claim of being a project based solely on the mass registration of all kinds of experiences and situations from the simple act of traveling to take pictures. The end result, however, is the demonstration …

Workshop “Large format camera and chemical lab, a living system” by J.M. Castro Prieto

In this workshop we will learn the method that Juan Manuel Castro Prieto uses in his work and how he does it, from the use of the large format camera, through laboratory techniques to tips for editing photographic projects or books. Its objective, to improve the work of each participant in order to achieve a …

Exhibition from the schoolchildren of Vilassar de Dalt

From April 9th till 11th, Ilan Wolf will be with us teaching pinhole photography for kids, to theb schoolchildren of Vilassar de Dalt. With the works done in those workshops, we’ll make an exhibition at El Casal during the Festival.


Josep Mª Ribas Prous

(Barcelona, December 14, 1940), creative photographer specializing in argentic mode (monochrome, black and white). . First Spanish author awarded the title of “Maître of the Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique” [Master of the International Federation of Photographic ARt] (MFIAP, 1985). He has received the following distinctions: Artist-AFIAP-(1976), Excellence-EFIAP (1981), Master-MFIAP-(1985) and Excellence FIAP for services-ESFIAP-(1991). Honorary member of different societies and …

Aleix Plademunt

Quits his technical engineering studies to devote himself to photography. In 2003 he graduated in photography from the Image and Multimedia Technology Centre at University Politechnical of Catalonia. During all these years he never has stopped working on personal photographic projects. Some of the most remarkable: Espacios Comunes [Common Spaces](2005), Espectadores [Spectators] (2006), Nada [Nothing] (2007), Cult (2008), Dubailand (2008), …

Tagomago Gallery Barcelona

Tagomago gallery is the personal project of Vicente and Valérie Boned, art collectors specializing in contemporary photography. The scheduling is based on eclecticism and aims to welcome all trends in photography, without style or genre limitations.

Photobook Club BCN

The Photobook Club Barcelona is a regular open meeting aiming to bring together lovers of photography books to look at, analyze, criticize, share and enjoy together.El Photobook Club Barcelona is coordinated by Paco Navamuel, Lea Tyrallová, Carlos Pericás y Oscar Ciutat.

Roger Guaus

Roger Guaus work is based on the intimate personal experience. The way he works is always the same: to bring a camera with him and photograph everything, somehow, moves him. Image editing is the key to building his journal, always using a fragmented narrative and a flatly poetic language: Paris et moi (2005) Reeling (2006), Arles (2005-2007) Hunter Hunter …